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We deliver high-quality IT consulting services to small and
medium-sized businesses across Northeast Ohio.

About Us

With nearly two decades of experience, Tech Dynamix has a proven track record of becoming more than just an IT support company.  According to our partners, what makes us stand out from other IT providers is the depth of our partnership, empowering your business to utilize technology for increased profitability, while protecting your infrastructure from the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

What Makes Us Different?​

Rapid Support

Submit a ticket, send an email, or give us a call and your issue will be resolved quickly by one of our experts.

Proactive Maintenance

We automate server and computer maintenance tasks to provide continuity to your devices, while increasing their useful life.

24/7 Monitoring

Tech Dynamix constantly audits your system and provides a quick response to all types of incidents.

Disaster Recovery

We provide and manage a complete backup and disaster recovery solution (with multiple levels of redundancy) so you never lose an important file again.

System Security

We manage your anti-virus, anti-spam, firewalls, and Wi-Fi to maintain security without being noticeable.

Asset Management

We maintain current documentation of your network, as well as inventory your systems, licenses, and software vendors.

Experience Meets Expertise

man sitting on chair wearing gray crew-neck long-sleeved shirt using Apple Magic Keyboard

Technology is more vital than ever for business growth, yet many businesses aren’t taking advantage of what technology can do to streamline their operations.  Before working from home became commonplace, Tech Dynamix had equipped our partners to be productive from home, offsite, or anywhere their business happened to take them.  Our proactive, forward-thinking philosophy allowed our partner companies to pivot and continue business operations seamlessly.


Can you say this about your current IT support partner?

“They are a big reason we are able to grow our business. Their customer service is out of this world. They are extremely responsive and resolve our issues quickly.”

This is one of many testimonials given by our partners.  Our primary business objective is to partner with small- and medium-sized businesses and provide them the scalability for rapid growth and profitability. 

Tech Dynamix is awesome. Since we have contracted Tech to take care of our computers, we pretty much just put the key in and turn so to speak and things run smooth. These guys understand that I do not know how all this computer stuff works I just know I need it and they know how to keep them running. Thanks
Diversified Fittings
We hired Tech Dynamix back in December, did a full Network upgrade. It has been a pleasure to work with Jay. We get answers quickly and I feel like we have quick and helpful support.

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If you feel that you and your company could benefit from our partnership, please contact us for a no pressure, no obligation consultation.  You can rest easy knowing that your computer systems are always under the watchful eyes of our qualified professionals.

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